Study Centre

Study CentreThe Study Centre is composed by two closely interlinked platforms: the «UNESCO Chair» and «Mountain-Formation», coordinating education products for scholars, students and actors as well as research in the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch World Heritage site.


  • Establishement of a platform for applied research in the field of natural and cultural heritage as resources for sustainable development in mountain areas:
  • Dissemination and Exchange of outcomes and experiences
  • Institutionalizing of the network of World Heritage sites and large protected areas
  • Monitoring of the safeguarding of the „Outstanding Universal Values“ and the development of the World Heritage Region
  • Basic and advanced trainings for students as well as exchange of researchers and students
  • Establishing and further developing the education products and moduls for schools and youth
  • Capacity Buidling of professionals and actors in mountain areas
  • International cooperation: co-producing, co-learning and co-applying of knowledge in the Alpine space and worldwide, expecially in East Africa