Destinations and Highlights

World Nature Forum

Get to know a new dimension of the World Herit- age. The visit of the exhibition in the World Nature Forum will reveal all ingredients offered by the region beside the world famous natural beauties.

In the interactive exhibition you will learn about the diversity of the World Heritage with all your senses. The numerous experience stations will awake your exploratory mind and enjoy young and old people. Immerse into 500 million years’ history and get enthusiastic of the UNESCO World Herit- age Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch.


The Gastern valley with its particular floodplain landscape is a romantic mountain valley abso- lutely worth to see. It can be reached easily through the canyon (the Kander water falls) and the rock galleries with a tremendous view to the plateau of Kandersteg.


Following the hiking trail from Kandersteg through the forest of Oeschi you reach the miracle of nature, the Lake of Oeschinen. Along the river Oeschi and the nice colored alpine meadows you finally reach the lake of Oeschinen surrounded by steep ice capped rock faces.

Wildes Kiental

Experience the wild and romantic Kiental, water forces in its most unspoiled aspect. A spectacle of nature does credit its name: the wild water trail leads past deep gorges, foaming waterfalls, steep rock faces and at the glacier basin up to the loca- tion Griesalp.

Tal der 72 Wasserfälle

The view of the valley of the 72 waterfalls exceeds the imagination – precipitous rock faces with colored structures rise up to the sky and waterfalls spread energy capture your attention. The Staub- bachfall drops to the abyss at the border of the village, which honors its name especially in spring.


The Jungfraujoch lies in the center of the UNESCO World Heritage site. Snow and ice are guaranteed. The roof terrace Sphinx, the Ice Palace, the plateau for round walks in the perpetual snow are all year attractions on the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe.

Kleine Scheidegg

The Kleine Scheidegg is located below the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. It offers a spectacular view of the notorious Eiger north face. The Eiger north face disaster resulted in the death of five climbers during the 1936 climbing season on the north face of the mountain.


During a hiking tour through the Aareschlucht you feel the force of nature stronger than in any other place. Under your feet the water from the glaciers is pressed ceaselessly through the narrow gorge and above your head are rising gigantic rocky faces. A mystic experience!

Cristal Cave Gerstenegg

During a guided tour we show you how the boister- ous power of water is generating electricity. Follow us into the underground of the mountain. There, not only the techniques are fascinating: we open for you doors to “power plants” of nature and to the millions of years old crystal caves.

Guided Village Tour Bellwald

The old center of Bellwald can be best discovered during an original guided tour. In the narrow alleys numerous well preserved hay barns, storehouses and residential houses can be admired. Finally an aperitif is offered in the Eco Museum for adults and children. Registration needed.

Eggishorn – Märjela

The magnificent mountain hike starts from the Eggishorn to the lake Märjela and back to the Fiescheralp: the tour is called “from glacier to water”. The tour is not asking special uphill efforts, but offers an extraordinary view over the entire Great Aletsch glacier and to the World Heritage site.

Pro Natura Zentrum

The Pro Natura Center offers exhibitions and excur- sions to the Swiss stone pines in the Aletsch Forest or across the Great Aletsch glacier, as well as adventure holidays and weekends. A variety of events during summertime makes the stay at the center attractive.

Saffron Cultures in Mund

Mund is the only place in Switzerland where saffron, the „red gold“ is planted and cultivated. Along the saffron educational trail, six boards offer informa- tion about the saffron culture in Mund. How are saffron and rye planted? How much love, patience and diligence are invested in each saffron flower?

Suone Niwärch

Niwärch is the boldest Suone in the valley of Baltschieder and follows the vertical rocky faces. Already after the first bend you reach a rocky face. The hiker who does not suffer from vertigo, will be rewarded with a marvelous view and will, after the passage, walk relaxed down to the valley.

Raron Castle

Additionally to the famous castle church with the grave of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke two more buildings constitute the Raron Castel. These his- toric buildings constitute an interesting contrast to the surrounding, protected natural landscape of Heidnischbiel.

Museum Lötschental

The museum leads you into a world full of traditions and customs. More than 60 wooden masks offer an unbroken history of the development of the basic traits of masking in the Lötschental since 1900. You find witnesses of the style of living, alpine farming, tourism, photography as well as handicraft.