The World Heritage Foundation intends to capture visitors to interactive discoveries with the website ourheritage.ch and informative brochures.

Start well informed: pack your «World Heritage backpack» and create your own tour already at home! In ourheritage.ch you will find lots of information about the World Heritage Region. Choose topic and place of interest, deposit it in the backpack and our intelligent system will recommend you a personal itinerary with detailed hiking tours and information of the locality.

Be informed at the destination: during your journey the interactive tour continues! On your smartphone ourheritage.ch will reveal the secrets of your World Heritage localities: the integrated aid to location will inform you on a dynamic map about attractions, interesting places and current offers in your vicinity.

Well informed in the visitors center: during your visits the base camp with the exhibition of the World Nature Forum in Naters, you collect with your mobile phone card all facts and locations of your interest. On ourheritage.ch you will receive a list of all tours and attractions corresponding to your interest.