Teaching Material

Learning the Alps: Education for Sustainable Development in the UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch (Primary and Secondary level I/II)

Would you like to get new impulses regarding the pedagogical orientation of excursions and projects weeks based on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)? Would you like to offer your scholars and students opportunities to get lasting experiences and valuable competences? Thanks to the Project «Leaning the Alps -UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch», educational material ready to use are offered for free, and help to create a learning world for children and young people in an unique Landscape.

The UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau Aletsch has elaborated an attractive educational programme for primary and secondary school level I in the framework of the project «Learning the Alps» (2013 – 2016) in cooperation with the following institutions: Institute for Pre-school and Primary levels of the Pedagogic High School Bern (IVP-NMS PH Bern) School of Education, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (PH FHNW) Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). Main topics such as tourism, use of water, forestry, or mountain farming can be easily linked to the living space of the scholars, which is basic for successful learning. Beside the theoretical und conceptional foundations for the lessons, the material offers learning exercises with teaching comments, lecture notes, planning tools, proposals for excursions and project weeks. During the project weeks the scholars should get the opportunity to interact with local people and to obtain important social, personal and methodical competences. The education material is prepared in modules and according the school levels, ready to be composed individually and adapted by teachers.

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As from summer 2019 the education material is available for free online on «Alpenlernen».We are still looking for school classes willing to spend an unforgettable project week «Learning the Alps» in the Bächlitalhütte SAC. All relevant information you find on Unterricht im Hochgebirge.


Atelier UNESCO World Heritage Swiss Alps Jungfrau Aletsch (Secondary level I/II)

The awareness rising of human-environment interactions is the core of the «Atelier» in the alpine Jungfrau-Aletsch Region. It aims at presenting the UNESCO World Heritage from the perception of the World Heritage Municipalities, to discuss different expectations and to get confronted with the multiple challenges and chances of sustainable development. The atelier is composed by numerous free choice or mandatory fields related to different World Heritage sites, to be elaborated independently by the students. Teachers will receive supplementary education material, e.g. comments for teachers, interpretation of solutions, and presentations. The material can be used during the regular lessons, as complementary subject or study weeks outdoor as well as for the preparation or evaluation of excursions. The project has been elaborated by the World Heritage Management Centre in cooperation with the Pedagogic High School Bern (PH Bern) and the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University Berne.

The material can be accessed for free here.