Management Strategy

The management strategy, including a management plan, elaborated by the governance bodies and endorsed by UNESCO in 2007 outlines how the outstanding World Heritage property will be safeguarded and valorized in the regional context. It is addressed to all actors of administration, politics, economy and civil society involved and interested in the protection and use of the World Heritage.

The strategy is a compulsory commitment by the governance bodies to launch and coordinate the transformation processes. The focus encompasses the aims, measures and processes to assure the protection of the World Heritage in the Swiss Alps and to foster the sustainable development, balancing economy, society and environment in the region.

The strategy and the management plan evolved in intensive negotiation and evaluation processes. The initially divergent expectations of the relevant actors regarding the principles of the World Heritage were finally arranged and concretised in agreed action lines.

The strategy also serves as instrument of reconciliation of conflicts and interests as well as to promote creative and innovative projects and initiatives within the heritage property and the region.

The Management strategy, including the management plan, can be ordered by e-mail.

The summary of the strategy can be found here.